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 entrepreneur_club The NetAcademy Entrepreneurship Club was founded in 2002 to harness and enable the deep pool of entrepreneurial genius that exists within the business communities. It is professionally run and is positioned to complement the offerings of other clubs.

The Netacademy E-Club has become Netacademy’s premier networked resource to promote entrepreneurial activity among students, alumni and researchers who are starting, working for, or advising new businesses in high-growth environments. Register Now

eco_adventure What is Eco-Adventure Corporate Training? 

This unconventional method gives you the benefit of training and development  (T&D) programs set in the rugged outdoors. A back to nature retreat will surely  awaken your senses, different from other conventional and predictable T&D  programs which could lead to boredom and not achieving the desired outcomes. Nestled in the tranquil rural village of Chenderiang near Tapah, Perak. the Bujang  Melaka forest reserve forms a horse shoe enclave around Camp Sentosa resembling  an inland bay with the Sungai Cincin rainfall catchment area to its north and two lazy  streams with crystal clear waters on either side. Register Now

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